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Hi there!

Welcome to my website…

Let me just share my story of being a “yes boss woman” in my jobs earlier to the decision of
Being my “own boss” and having a lifestyle I really wanted always.


It has not been easy though. I got a varied & rich corporate exposure into Online and Offline
media both. I have worked for many corporate like Gufic Healthcare, Amway India, VLCC etc.
There used to be very long working days since I was handling branding and advertising. This
was way back till 2009 when my second daughter was born. I realized that I could no more spend
that much time in office and those scary late hours, it was no more meant for me. So, I made an
exit from the 9 to 5 job.


Although not very sure, but I made a decision to be on my own. I started learning digital
marketing. While learning I understood, Marketing remains the same, however, I had to learn
about the new platforms like Optimizing a website, Advertising on Internet, Social Media
Marketing and more.


The first few years all gigs were tough.

The more I started working online and started giving trainings on what knowledge I had got so far,
I was getting far more confident to be on my own. I had the honor of training hundreds of
students, professionals and entrepreneurs learn this game changing digital marketing step by
step. There have been many learning’s I had as a part of the overall process here…like a website
can make me profits if I have lots of traffic coming to my website, and that is possible only with
quality content. Eventually, it is the content which is the heart and soul of a blog business.


If you find this story interesting and want to get started in learning Digital Marketing, check out my Digital Marketing for beginners course.


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