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Google Ads

Google Adwords is Google’s Online Advertising platform. You can make simple, meaningful advertisements and serve them to people who are looking for this kind of information on the search engines. For example; if a customer wants to learn yoga. He wants to know from a search engine from where he learn yoga. When the customer will type in his query of yoga classes in the search bar, the following kinds of search results will appear.

The top slot of two results and the side slot of three results are all advertisements shown by Google. These are called Google Adwords advertisements.

Benefits of using Adwords

There are many benefits of Adwords. I have listed down some of them for your understanding

  1. Relevance: Google gives us the most relevant and accurate results by matching the search query with the advertisements. Whenever you put a search query into Google, it runs an ad auction to determine the order of the most relevant ads and presents them on the search engine results pages. This means that if even if your competitor spends more money that what you have spent but his ad is not relevant, his ad will not not be shown or may be shown below your advertisement. If the click through rate of your advertisement is higher than your competitors, then the probability if your ad being clicked will be more than your competitors. Google will also take into account the landing page experience of the user. It means it will consider how good your website is and also the page where you are directing your customer to go after clicking your ad. Thus the Ad auction done by Google determines that only most relevant ads are delivered to users
  2. Measurable: The best part about Google Adwords is that you can measure just everything right from number of clicks, number of impressions, click through rate (CTR), number of conversions, conversion rate, cost per click (CPC), cost per acquisition (CPA), etc. All you need to do is to fine tune your keywords, adgroups and ads at regular intervals for better ROI
  3. Reach: A marketer can target any segment it wants, infact the whole world is its audience. The Google Adwords allows marketers to target their campaign to its audiences at various levels.
    1. Location Targeting: This targeting option allows you to target specific locations you are interested in. For example; you might be a supplier of luxury bags in Delhi. So you will be able to choose locations which are in and around Delhi. You can even exclude the locations where you feel you will not be able to provide these bags.
    2. Language Targeting : You can choose from over 40 different language options given in Adwords for your language targeting.
    3. Time Targeting: Google Adwords will allow you to select specific hours during a day depending upon when your target audience will be able to view your ad
    4. Cost Effective: You just pay here only when someone clicks on your ad, not just like other traditional mediums. You can set your budget as low as possible starting from Rs. 100 a day to anything say Rs. 5000 a day.

Although there are many more benefits of using Adowrds, these are some top benefits which I could jot down for now.

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