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Today I am going to discuss with you all top trends in Digital Marketing which are popular in 2021

Trend 1

Trend 2

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Artificial Intelligence

Video Marketing

Content Marketing

Chatbot Marketing

So how is AI changing digital marketing? Artificial intelligence is transforming customer-facing services for digital marketers by increasing efficiency and optimizing user experience. One common example of AI across the web is the use of chatbots to provide customer services to users. With the presence of a chatbot, users can ask them questions about products and services, or ask to be directed to a particular section of a website. After an automated welcome message, brands can choose to transfer users to a live chat with a customer service representative to streamline the interaction. What’s more is that 64% of Americans agree that the best feature of chatbots is their ability to provide 24-hour service, seven days a week. While everyone else is asleep, let your chatbot do the work for you. Another example of AI in digital marketing is the personalization of content a user sees while browsing a website. With the help of artificial intelligence, machines can track user spending habits and record what their preferences are. Afterward, AI can use that information to market similar products users will most likely be interested in. This process will help segment your audience base and drive sales with customized content. Both of these examples demonstrate how AI in digital marketing is transforming the space by helping brands increase productivity and revenue through the automation of tasks that once required human labor and intelligence.

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